Doves this time. And much more ornate. I decided to take the zentangle approach to embroidery to see if a completely covered, fully embroidered ornament would work. I’m pleased with the results. The second picture is the prototype I put together with just a simple running stitch and plain white wool felt. It took a couple of tries to get the shape of the bird I wanted and make sure everything lined up, but the plain version could easily be used on its own.

The embroidered dove is where the work came in. Metallic is not the easiest floss to work with, but the gold and white satin DMC floss I thought really brought out the festive look. The dove was beautiful with just gold and white, but also very wedding-esque. Red and green satin floss added the Holiday tone I was after, even added some holly leaves and berries to finish it off. Let me know your thoughts.

White Dove Felt Embroidered Ornament
White Dove Handmade Felt Ornament – Hand Embroidered
White Dove Felt Holiday Ornament Handmade
White Dove Ornament – Easy DIY Felt Hand Stitched