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Feather Stitch – TAST 7

Take a Stitch Tuesday week 7: Feather Stitch. This week was a fun challenge opening with feather stitch. Feather stitch is one of my favorite stitches and allows creativity for layering, texturing and seems so organic that it stirred up inspiration for late winter and early spring flower designs to add to the table runner. I’ll have to post pics of the flower trellis next week (while sewing TAST week 8 challenge!), but for now enjoy the blue cast-on flowers which will hopefully get a layer of snow and berries before the runner is complete.

Feather stitch in DMC Cotton Perle 5, cast on stitch in DMC Cotton Pearl 8 blue variegated with dark yellow bullion knots.

TAST Stitch 7: Feather Stitch

Chain Stitch – TAST 6

Take a Stitch Tuesday week 6: Chain Stitch.  I struggled with this stitch, not because it is technically difficult, but because I had a hard time getting inspired with the stitch. I had started with chain stitch soon after getting interested in embroidery and wanted more texture to add to the scenes I was trying to create. I had taken to embroidering folk art scenes and wanted to get realism into the trees. The problem was that I only knew buttonhole and chain stitch. So I did A LOT of chain stitching…. And this was before I discovered the importance of floss and background fabric, which meant I was using poor floss, thin fabric and cheap needles. A year later I have at least discovered better quality supplies, but I’m afraid I might need some more time between me and chain stitch to get re-inspired.

Chain stitch in DMC Cotton Perle 5, alternating red  and dark red diagonals.

TAST Stitch 6: Chain Stitch

Herringbone Stitch – TAST 5

Take a Stitch Tuesday week 5: Herringbone Stitch. My kids like to refer to this stitch as the “hairy bones” stitch. It took me a few tries to get the outcome I wanted, but ended up with double layer, quadruple herringbone stitch. With the poinsettia print I wanted to add something geometric and measured, so thought this would be a good background for the latest TAST challenge. First layer was a size 5 dark red, followed by a size 8 regular red. The red was much too subtle for the print and nearly blended into the background. I had tried a light green layer with light green stems and leaves, but it definitely did not look good…. then tried to add snowflakes….worse. Yikes! Unpick, unpick. Finally settled on ecru herringbone layers with some couching of the dark red, followed with ecru lazy daisies and yellow french knots.

Herringbone stitch in DMC Cotton Perle 5 and 8. Detached chain and french knots in DMC Cotton Perle 8.

TAST Stitch 5: Herringbone Stitch

Detached Chain Stitch – TAST 4

Take a Stitch Tuesday week 4: Detached Chain Stitch. I’m filling in the table runner little by little. With the latest week’s stitch I decided to add a swirly vines down one of the panels. It is hard to see from the picture, but the leaves are double detached chain stitch. The inner leaf is gold and sparkles in the light, while the heavier dark green outline gives it defined outline. I’m debating whether to add pistil stitch berries on the vine…but I want to add more colors to the panel other than red. Any ideas? I just ordered quite a bit of new size 5 and size 8 floss in all sort of colors and shade so maybe I’ll get some down time this next week and get to play with some new stitches.

Stem stitch and detached chain stitch (lazy daisy) in DMC Cotton Perle 5. Detached chain inner loop in DMC metallic gold.

TAST Stitch 4: Detached Chain Stitch

Fly Stitch – TAST 3

The third stitch in the Pintangle TAST Challenge is Fly Stitch. I had a lot of fun with this stitch on the table runner. Originally I started with the dark green garland using fly stitch for the needles, then added the poinsettia’s with detached chain stitch and french knots. I’m not completely satisfied with the poinsettia’s….it took until the very last one (not pictured) before I felt like the design worked, but the runner is going to live with them, the plan is to eventually have enough stitching across the entire runner that small elements won’t stick out so much. I also added the garland french knot berries and holly detached chain stitches to the corners. At that point I started to think of I-Spy ideas to sneak into the design so have a few ‘easter eggs’ hidden that I’ll share later.

The top part of the design will be a woodland scene. The cabin is sewn with stranded embroidery floss with back stitch and short and long stitch, with a snowy roof using cotton perle stem stitch. The trees created from more fly stitch and the bunny from bullion knots.

Garland and trees sewn with DMC Cotton Perle #5 in dark green and white, Poinsettia’s sewn with DMC Cotton Perle #8 in pink and red. Holly sewn with light green DMC Cotton Perle #5, bunny sewn with white DMC Cotton Perle #12.

TAST Stitch 3: Fly Stitch

Blanket Stitch – TAST 2

The second Pintangle TAST stitch is blanket stitch, or buttonhole stitch, as it referred to sometimes (and apparently there is quite a debate on the name in stitching circles…I am new enough the embroidery world to not get to have an opinion yet!). Blanket stitch is what started this entire embroidery obsession back when the family decided to make personalized silly felt dog ornaments for Christmas gifts. For this project I decided to keep things simple with the possibility to embellish later on with beads or even a hilly snow scene to let the stitches appear as snow. The dark line is my mark-b-gone pen markings waiting to…be gone….

Blanket stitch done in white DMC Cotton Perle 5. The fly stitch garland in green DMC Perle 5 is part of next week’s challenge and soon to have berries and poinsettia’s in the mix.

TAST Stitch 2: Blanket Stitch


TAST: Take a Stitch Tuesday Challenge 2018

As I have posted, hand embroidery has become a passion that I fell into a little over a year ago. This year I stumbled upon where Sharon Boggon has a wealth of information about hand embroidery stitches and crazy quilting. She runs a “Take a Stitch Tuesday” challenge where each Tuesday a new stitch is announced and participants find a way to practice it or incorporate that stitch into a project. I have elected to work on a holiday table runner, adding a new stitch or pattern to the runner to be enjoyed Christmas 2018.

Running Stitch – TAST 1

The first Pintangle TAST stitch is Running Stitch. Seems simple enough, I looked into some inspiration from Sashiko stitching to learn something new. One skill (or practice in my case!) is to get all the stitches the same length and cross without overlap.

Running stitch done in variated green DMC Cotton Perle 5, lazy daisies sewn with red DMC Cotton Perle 10.

TAST Stitch 1: Running Stitch

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