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Plan and current progress

I have been going back and forth with establishing my plan for suspension. I know that I want a more performance focused stance which for this vehicle means lowering the car a few inches. My initial plan was to use CPP drop spindles in the front and CPP lowering springs in the rear, add a disc brake conversion in the front and address the rear brakes at a later date.

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A Solid Foundation!

I recall one of the lessons that my dad taught me when we were rebuilding a ’66 Mustang, and that is that it doesn’t matter how much power you are able to get out of the motor if you can’t transfer that power to something with a strong foundation. In this case we are talking about solid suspension, responsive steering, and powerful brakes.

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Stripping it all down…

To get a good look at what we are dealing with, we started by taking off the body to have a look at the frame and running gear.

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I’ve done it again!

The time has come to take on yet another hobby, well actually pick back up on an activity that I got a taste of about 30 years ago. This activity is working on cars, specifically working on classic cars. Being stuck in the house these days, we thought it would be fun for Porter and I to pick up a project car to tinker with.

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A Dogumentary

This is a school project about dogs. Hope you like it!

English Paper Piecing: La Passacaglia

I found another sewing hobby: English Paper Piecing. When I first heard of EPP I thought, “ooohhh, Never!” It sounded so tedious, so boring. basting tiny paper shapes with fabric and sewing an entire quilt by hand did not sound appealing….. Then it happened. Everywhere I looked I started to see EPP examples. Little by little by resistance was chipped away. Then I found Millefiori Quilts – Las Passacaglia, which look like a kaleidoscope in quilt form. The DIY Addict has a site with information, photos, great directions for getting started and supplies to purchase through her Etsy shop.

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More Hand Embroidered Elephants

This holiday season saw a return of the embroidered elephants. Work had fun White Elephant Gift Exchange and so I made a couple of T-Mobile branded white elephants for fun.

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Felt Christmas Ornaments 2018

Once again the holidays are around the corner and its time to stress craft! We have a family tradition of making ornaments as gifts each year. We try to choose a theme and build the handmade ornaments around that theme.

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Coral Stitch – TAST 43

Take a Stitch Tuesday week 43: Coral Stitch

I used coral stitch for the outline of the Gnome’s boots. I was looking for something simple, but still with texture so Coral stitch was a perfect fit.

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