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Felt Dog Ornaments for Christmas…again

Time to revisit the dogs. Last year the kids and I jumped into felt ornaments. My husband’s family are “dog people” so we thought it would be fun to make simple craft ornaments for everyone and try to replicate their furry friends as much as possible. These ornaments are easy and fun to put together. We used craft felt, stranded embroidery floss, holiday ribbon, small pom poms, rick rack and tiny jingle bells. The hardest part of the craft is cutting out the dog silhouettes, so I recommend a very good, sharp pair of scissors. Porter’s idea was the Santa hat and scarf, He also wanted little dog booties….we might have to give that a try this year. Use blanket stitch to piece the ornaments together. Easy and quick to put together, even Cora put a few of the dogs together, she was 6 at the time! Cute gifts for family and friends who are dog lovers!

Handmade Felt Dog Ornaments for the Holidays
Felt dog ornaments – handmade – different breeds

More Handmade Felt Ornments

Doves this time. And much more ornate. I decided to take the zentangle approach to embroidery to see if a completely covered, fully embroidered ornament would work. I’m pleased with the results. The second picture is the prototype I put together with just a simple running stitch and plain white wool felt. It took a couple of tries to get the shape of the bird I wanted and make sure everything lined up, but the plain version could easily be used on its own.

The embroidered dove is where the work came in. Metallic is not the easiest floss to work with, but the gold and white satin DMC floss I thought really brought out the festive look. The dove was beautiful with just gold and white, but also very wedding-esque. Red and green satin floss added the Holiday tone I was after, even added some holly leaves and berries to finish it off. Let me know your thoughts.

White Dove Felt Embroidered Ornament
White Dove Handmade Felt Ornament – Hand Embroidered
White Dove Felt Holiday Ornament Handmade
White Dove Ornament – Easy DIY Felt Hand Stitched

Crazy Quilting with Cats

crazy_quilt_cat_1I discovered hand embroidery last year and fell in love with it. Recently I’ve discovered crazy quilting. This is my first attempt using scraps from Cora’s fabric box….lots of pink and flowers….and you will see a glimpse of the unicorn with rainbow wings on the lower right. I added a gold crown and gown with beads to the cat in sweater. When we found the cat-in-clothes and dog-in-clothes designs at our local fabric shop we absolutely had to buy the entire bolt. How can crazy quilting with cats not make you just giggle or laugh.

Elephant Ornaments – The Beginnings of a Herd

Three wool felt ornaments hand embroidered with unique designs using DMC Satin Floss and Metallic floss.

More Elephants!! Ornament-style

White Elephants – Wool Felt Christmas Ornaments


For this post I thought it might be fun to show a time lapse of design-to-finish so you can see how to create a hand embroidered felt elephant ornament. The process has been a discovery on what works well or less well.

First of all, opt for wool felt over craft felt. Craft felt is fine, and I tried it for the first few ornaments I made, but given then amount of effort involved with these little guys a nice wool felt is worth the extra few cents. I trace and draw my designs on Sulky Sticky Fabri-Solvy or Pellon Stick-N-Washaway, then stick in onto the felt. Embellish with an array of hand embroidery stitches and decorate liberally. 🙂 Satin DMC floss with metallic accents give it that “ornament” look. Originally I used craft felt and cotton floss, while the results were okay, I think the shiny options make it more holiday-esque. After embroidering, trim the shape with about an 1/8″ allowance outside of the profile outline. Soak in warm water for 15 minutes and rinse away any of the Sulky or Pellon that has not already dissolved. I recommend soaking the felt to be used for the back of the ornament as well since some shrinkage will occur and the felt will get a little stiff. I do not pre-shrink the felt for the front of the elephant prior to embroidery since my stitching tends to pull and pucker the felt. So far the felt seems to straighten out when it is soaked and shrinks. Finally, I use DMC perle cotton 5 for the outline with very small running stitches and thread DMC perle metallic gold or silver size 8 floss through the seam on the top before adding stuffing and sewing the ornament closed.

The ornaments are a lot of fun to make and a good creativity binge that doesn’t require  commitment to a larger project.

White Elephant Gifts

White Elephant on Green
White Elephant on Black

More Christmas Ornaments

It is that time of year again….yep, cold, dark and maddening…time to stress-craft! This year’s project is elephants.

White Elephant Felt Ornament Embroidery
White Elephant Felt Ornament Embroidery – Hand made Christmas Ornament

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It’s In The Bag

Canvas Tote Bag for Christmas w/Snowman and Christmas Tree Lining

Another season comes with another hobby. This winter it will be all about bags, and to start it all off we have a wonderful canvas tote for the Christmas season.

Not taking these too serious, I’ll be have some fun incorporating different linings. Shown above, we have Frosty the Snowman and Christmas Trees.

“Pencil It In”

Let’s start this one off with a joke…

What’s the king of the pencil case?

“The Ruler”

Wow, it has been a few weeks since my last post.  I guess adding school into the mix has really eaten away at the little free time that I had.

On with the fun…here is my idea of a simple leather pencil case…

leather_pencil_case leather_pencil_case_2

Still being new to leather craft, I wanted to try something fairly simple, yet something that was my own design.  So, off to Pinterest I went…I came across a few similar ideas to use as a base and started to draw up what I had in my mind.  In addition to trying something new, I wanted to try my hand at dying leather.  This turned out to be an incredible learning experience, not only in the act of applying the dye.  But also in paying closer attention to the imperfections in the leather itself, and either lay out the pieces to be cut around these imperfections, or purchase a higher quality piece of leather.

I also burnished the edges of this piece with a burnishing tool and Gum Tragacanth, which was also a first for me.

As you can see by the photo, this case holds 5 pencils.  I imagine it could also hold pens, but it was designed to fit pencils.

I have also made a slightly different version of this case in black with cream thread.  Porter has taken it to school before I was able to take a photo, so I will add it at a later date.

Next project…a different version of the bi-fold wallet.  It may be a few weeks out, as I need to dedicate some time to getting back into running.  I don’t want to hold back my wife and sister-in-law during a race we are running in April.

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