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House Embroidery

Ever found yourself on Pinterest at 3 AM? I’m not saying this is a good thing, or even a planned event, but when the sleeping gods are not smiling on me I tend to find myself browsing through Pinterest in the small hours of the morning. And I’ll hand it to Pinterest, their search algorithm is pretty good.

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More Christmas Ornaments

It is that time of year again….yep, cold, dark and maddening…time to stress-craft! This year’s project is elephants.

White Elephant Felt Ornament Embroidery
White Elephant Felt Ornament Embroidery – Hand made Christmas Ornament

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Felt Christmas Ornaments

Our local craft store had a big felt sale a couple of months ago and we stocked up for Christmas ornaments and crafty gift ideas. This years Christmas ornaments were all made from felt (dog ornaments were a particular specialty), we also created the ornament gifts featuring an antique sewing machine and a pipe organ.


Christmas has gone to the dogs

Every year our family Christmas tradition is making ornaments. This year we decided on a dog theme, making ornaments from felt using a blanket stitch to sew profile together then stuffing them slightly. Porter suggested the dogs should wear Santa hats and sweaters. We also added ribbon for scarves with miniature jingle bells. Final count we made over 30 dogs of all different breeds: golden retrievers, labs, akitas, chihuahuas, dalmatians, greyhounds, shepherds and one abominable snowman dog.

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