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Fly Stitch – TAST 3

The third stitch in the Pintangle TAST Challenge is Fly Stitch. I had a lot of fun with this stitch on the table runner.

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Blanket Stitch – TAST 2

The second Pintangle TAST stitch is blanket stitch, or buttonhole stitch, as it referred to sometimes (and apparently there is quite a debate on the name in stitching circles…I am new enough the embroidery world to not get to have an opinion yet!).

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TAST: Take a Stitch Tuesday Challenge 2018

As I have posted, hand embroidery has become a passion that I fell into a little over a year ago. This year I stumbled upon where Sharon Boggon has a wealth of information about hand embroidery stitches and crazy quilting. She runs a “Take a Stitch Tuesday” challenge where each Tuesday a new stitch is announced and participants find a way to practice it or incorporate that stitch into a project. I have elected to work on a holiday table runner, adding a new stitch or pattern to the runner to be enjoyed Christmas 2018.

Running Stitch – TAST 1

The first Pintangle TAST stitch is Running Stitch. Seems simple enough, I looked into some inspiration from Sashiko stitching to learn something new. One skill (or practice in my case!) is to get all the stitches the same length and cross without overlap.

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Minecraft Purple Robe Crafting

The first pic explains what the other pics are about.The first pic is about what you look like in the robe.The second pic is about a crafting table of the top of the robe.The third pic is about a crafting table of the middle of the robe.The fourth pic is about a crafting table of the legs of the robe.The fifth pic is about a crafting table of the boots of the robe.

My Snow Plow Train

This is my custom snow plow train that I based on the one I made 2 years ago. These colors I have used before for a fire truck so I decided to have those colors put in that order to be emergency and railway service. Since the front of the plow was getting too heavy, I put a counter weight in the back of the rail car. The weight I used was a lift arm which balanced it perfectly.

Heavy Container Truck


This is my heavy container truck. As you can see, I based it off a Scania Torpedo Tamiya brand of truck. This LEGO creation gives an Octan based 8×8 semi truck with a container trailer that has a tank container with it. The container is supposed to be carrying fuel from the Octan fuel company and since they didn’t have any more trucks to rent out, they had to use one of their own trucks instead.


Felt Dog Ornaments for Christmas…again

Time to revisit the dogs. Last year the kids and I jumped into felt ornaments. My husband’s family are “dog people” so we thought it would be fun to make simple craft ornaments for everyone and try to replicate their furry friends as much as possible. These ornaments are easy and fun to put together. We used craft felt, stranded embroidery floss, holiday ribbon, small pom poms, rick rack and tiny jingle bells. The hardest part of the craft is cutting out the dog silhouettes, so I recommend a very good, sharp pair of scissors. Porter’s idea was the Santa hat and scarf, He also wanted little dog booties….we might have to give that a try this year. Use blanket stitch to piece the ornaments together. Easy and quick to put together, even Cora put a few of the dogs together, she was 6 at the time! Cute gifts for family and friends who are dog lovers!

Handmade Felt Dog Ornaments for the Holidays
Felt dog ornaments – handmade – different breeds

More Handmade Felt Ornments

Doves this time. And much more ornate. I decided to take the zentangle approach to embroidery to see if a completely covered, fully embroidered ornament would work. I’m pleased with the results. The second picture is the prototype I put together with just a simple running stitch and plain white wool felt. It took a couple of tries to get the shape of the bird I wanted and make sure everything lined up, but the plain version could easily be used on its own.

The embroidered dove is where the work came in. Metallic is not the easiest floss to work with, but the gold and white satin DMC floss I thought really brought out the festive look. The dove was beautiful with just gold and white, but also very wedding-esque. Red and green satin floss added the Holiday tone I was after, even added some holly leaves and berries to finish it off. Let me know your thoughts.

White Dove Felt Embroidered Ornament
White Dove Handmade Felt Ornament – Hand Embroidered
White Dove Felt Holiday Ornament Handmade
White Dove Ornament – Easy DIY Felt Hand Stitched

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