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Chain Stitch – TAST 6

Take a Stitch Tuesday week 6: Chain Stitch.  I struggled with this stitch, not because it is technically difficult, but because I had a hard time getting inspired with the stitch.

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Herringbone Stitch – TAST 5

Take a Stitch Tuesday week 5: Herringbone Stitch. My kids like to refer to this stitch as the “hairy bones” stitch. It took me a few tries to get the outcome I wanted, but ended up with double layer, quadruple herringbone stitch.

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Detached Chain Stitch – TAST 4

Take a Stitch Tuesday week 4: Detached Chain Stitch. I’m filling in the table runner little by little. With the latest week’s stitch I decided to add a swirly vines down one of the panels.

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Fly Stitch – TAST 3

The third stitch in the Pintangle TAST Challenge is Fly Stitch. I had a lot of fun with this stitch on the table runner.

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Blanket Stitch – TAST 2

The second Pintangle TAST stitch is blanket stitch, or buttonhole stitch, as it referred to sometimes (and apparently there is quite a debate on the name in stitching circles…I am new enough the embroidery world to not get to have an opinion yet!).

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TAST: Take a Stitch Tuesday Challenge 2018

As I have posted, hand embroidery has become a passion that I fell into a little over a year ago. This year I stumbled upon where Sharon Boggon has a wealth of information about hand embroidery stitches and crazy quilting. She runs a “Take a Stitch Tuesday” challenge where each Tuesday a new stitch is announced and participants find a way to practice it or incorporate that stitch into a project. I have elected to work on a holiday table runner, adding a new stitch or pattern to the runner to be enjoyed Christmas 2018.

Running Stitch – TAST 1

The first Pintangle TAST stitch is Running Stitch. Seems simple enough, I looked into some inspiration from Sashiko stitching to learn something new. One skill (or practice in my case!) is to get all the stitches the same length and cross without overlap.

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Crazy Quilting with Cats

crazy_quilt_cat_1I discovered hand embroidery last year and fell in love with it. Recently I’ve discovered crazy quilting. This is my first attempt using scraps from Cora’s fabric box….lots of pink and flowers….and you will see a glimpse of the unicorn with rainbow wings on the lower right. I added a gold crown and gown with beads to the cat in sweater. When we found the cat-in-clothes and dog-in-clothes designs at our local fabric shop we absolutely had to buy the entire bolt. How can crazy quilting with cats not make you just giggle or laugh.

More Christmas Ornaments

It is that time of year again….yep, cold, dark and maddening…time to stress-craft! This year’s project is elephants.

White Elephant Felt Ornament Embroidery
White Elephant Felt Ornament Embroidery – Hand made Christmas Ornament

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