With two elementary school children in the house Halloween is a big deal for the Chases. Below is a preview of the Halloween Crazy Quilt pillow cover I am currently making. I had unintentionally ended up taking a big, long break from embroidery and from the Take a Stitch Tuesday challenge over the summer. Halloween (coinciding with the Seattle drizzle) seemed like the perfect opportunity to get back on track.

The goal is to cover all seams and background fabric spaces with stitching, then add beads. Thanks to Urban Threads for the haunted house and characters below. I think Urban Threads might just be my favorite site for embroidery designs. Many of the seams are finished with stitches from TAST. This was my first project using a dark background fabric and it was so much fun! Now that Halloween has passed I will probably put this project on pause until next year and pick Thanksgiving and Christmas projects back up.

Halloween Crazy Quilt Pillow Cover

For Halloween we also made “Halloween Bread” for school lunch sandwiches. Bread was made in a bread machine using a chocolate and sweet bread swirl recipe, only we opted to use purple and orange food coloring to create a spookier version. The kids loved taking this school and grossing out their friends.

Halloween Bread with Orange and Purple Swirls
Halloween Dinner: Swirl Bread and Oreos