Still working on the house embroidery. It has been a busy couple of months so stitching progress has been slow. However, the landscape has been the most enjoyable part of the project. There are 4 rows of of plants in the front and a few on the side. I tried to keep the embroidery as close to the reality of our front garden as possible. Sadly, I am not sure what the two layers of bushes are called in the back, but the front two layers are ornamental grass and Day Lilies. On the side of the driveway is a largish Pacific Rhododendron and 3 Lavender plants.

House embroidery – landscape added: Day Lilies, Rhododendron, Lavender

The portion is to add in a border and “Home”. The flowers I most associate with Sammamish are Foxglove and Fireweed so I’m trying to create a foreground and border around the house with those two flowers. I’ll post next once I get the Fireweed added in.

House Embroidery – Personalized, Foxglove Border