As you might have guessed, I have built a Concorde. Not to be mistaken with the German version (that was quite self destructive) of this magnificent plane. I have tried to make one in the past when I was new to Minecraft, but it was so horrifying that I can’t post it on this blog.

The Concorde I built was based on the Air France/British Airways style Concorde. This plane (well in real life) is one of the fastest commercial planes because it can go super-sonic at times. The Concorde will be a very interesting plane for all of you plane enthusiasts out there reading this blog.

The Concorde I built has full interior boasting a cabin, windows, and two rows of seats made of nether brick staircases. I didn’t have much room to build this, but you must be thinking I have the whole sky to myself. If you think that, you are wrong. I built this slightly below the world border so I had to shorten the already small wing sticking up. (I don’t know what it’s called) I tried my best for this build to build it from the real one and from another Minecraft inspiration.

I know this blog was short, but enjoy my Concorde photos down below. And as always, stay tuned for more builds and even try one out for yourself.

P.S. This build was not relevant to the fatal disaster of an Air France Concorde in 2000.

The amazing Concorde!
The Concorde has a very complex cabin.
Here is the interior of the Concorde.
The back of the Concorde. Watch out for the sonic boom!
Not this Concorde! I got this from the internet. Why would I have a picture of a Concorde?