I know this hotel isn’t exactly like the other one, but it was as much as I could manage. You can find my inspiration for this build sitting right in Moab, Utah in fact.

By far, this is one of my greatest builds yet complete with full interior (besides the second floor), working elevators, and two swimming pools and a hot tub. I tried my best to keep the realism feeling, but as I got started with the build, I ran into some technical difficulties such as, the roof of the lobby interfered with the second floor so I had to cut off some space for it. Another problem was that I just didn’t have enough space to fit a realistic sized parking lot and I only built half of the hotel (You will see what I mean).

I started off by building the big brick pillar in the front, then I constructed the right side facing the garden. Unfortunately, I scrapped the wall, so I extended the other side so I could build the under-cover area to unload baggage. After that, I started building up so that I had an idea of my color palette. I chose brick for the outline, terracotta for the walls, and white terracotta for the window outline. Then above the windows, I added a little shade of oak wood for decoration and also made the roof of oak wood.

After I made those walls, I came back again to do the right wall facing the garden. I filled in the area with terracotta and tried many ideas including balconies and tons of windows. I did neither of them. I just stuck the the big terracotta wall idea and hung some lights (a wither skeleton skull on top of a lever) and put a few glass doors from the lobby.

Now onto the roof. I just started out with a big blank brick roof idea,  but when I went to school the next day, I thought of putting air ducts and vents for decoration. I tried by best on the roof, but I just gave up after that.

Finally, the interior. The interior was a challenge because we had a limited amount of colors and blocks in Minecraft. I started with the shape of the lobby, then added the reception desk in. I then put the fireplace in. I tried many types of flames in the fireplace but I settled on spawning named blazes in there instead. I next put in the roof of the lobby and chose the type of lights that I wanted to put in. I tried separate lights out of sea lanterns, but I just put a small chandelier instead.

I then added the flooring all the way around the building’s interior and started putting furniture and tables in. This part was relatively easy to build because I had been there many times before. The kitchen was tricky though.

I started with the third floor for no particular reason, so I put the elevator stretching down into the lobby to have easy access. I then put in all the rooms and a small pool of prismarine. Then son, everything was very simple to build. I had on big suite for my friend, since he plays on this game too.  The second floor looks good from the outside, but the rooms have nothing in them.

Almost done. I was almost clueless on how to build the other pool and hot-tub so I just laid down some stone slabs, made a cover over one of the pools, added some beach chairs and called it quits. Fine. I didn’t give up there. I added a gate of nether-brick fences and smooth andesite, a strange assortment of colors. I then added some cars in the lot (and yes, that thing is a Volkswagen bus) and I was done. This is one of my biggest builds on my world right now.

More buildings to come, so see you all later.

This is the Hotel
This is the hotel’s lobby
This is the hotel’s diner
This is the third floor.
This is one of the rooms.