Ever found yourself on Pinterest at 3 AM? I’m not saying this is a good thing, or even a planned event, but when the sleeping gods are not smiling on me I tend to find myself browsing through Pinterest in the small hours of the morning. And I’ll hand it to Pinterest, their search algorithm is pretty good.

Dare I say Google could learn a few things? Pinterest has managed to keep that bit of serendipity in search results that I haven’t seen on other sites. What I mean is that sometimes I feel other search engines/applications are almost too good and they show only exactly what I’m searching for. Where I feel like Pinterest drops in bits of the unexpected, the surprising that might be somewhere in the recesses of my subconscious, or even altogether completely out of the blue. It is these serendipitous search results that are often the most inspiring.

So anyway, one of those crazy insomniac nights I stumbled upon embroidery of homes. There seems to be a few fiber arts crafters and artists who delve into the genre. Theresa Lawson at The Monsters Lounge has some stunning houses she has embroidered. I also love Libby Williams Art that takes embroidery of structure and landscapes to another level. Please leave in the comments if you have other favorite artists you follow that follow the home or structure theme.

I decided to give the genre a try. Took a picture of our current home, copied the outline to tracing paper and then transferred it to fabric. The project is still a work in progress, and I am learning a lot things I would do differently on the next design, but thought I’d share current status. Next step is to finish the doorway, driveway and then add in plants.

Print out of photo, sketch and first pass at embroidery of home
Embroidery of House – first take
The actual home