Take a Stitch Tuesday weeks 11 – 12: Chevron Stitch and Sheaf Stitch. This week’s design turned out endearing…like ugly Christmas sweater endearing.

This was one of those designed that started with high hopes. I really do like Chevron stitch. The stitch is fun and fast, I like to layer and stack it. Technically I really like the design. However, my color choices could have been better. I was trying to bring the green and red from the plaid into the ornament panel. “Wow!” I thought I had nailed color theory. Then I stitched. Yikes! This did not turn out well at all. So added a layer. Yikes again! It didn’t improve. So stacked more chevrons on top. Oh dear! Maybe some lazy daisies to bring the yellow over to the plaid panel and light green into the Chevron pattern…. And so the design deteriorated with good intentions until it became ugly sweater worthy. And with both feet this deep in the hole, why not add a second TAST week challenge in the mix. Hence Sheaf Stitch inserted with gold metallic couching on the overlapping Chevron stitches. Oh my!  After this misadventure I immediately ordered up Colour Confident Stitching by Karen Barbé. Hopefully the future weekly challenges will show improvement.

TAST Stitch 11: Chevron Stitch TAST Stitch 12: Sheaf Stitch

And to show I don’t always make bad color and design choices, a little refresh with Stem Stitch and Detached Chain Stitch along the borders.

TAST Stitch: Stem Stitch and Detached Chain Stitch