Take a Stitch Tuesday week 4: Detached Chain Stitch. I’m filling in the table runner little by little. With the latest week’s stitch I decided to add a swirly vines down one of the panels.

It is hard to see from the picture, but the leaves are double detached chain stitch. The inner leaf is gold and sparkles in the light, while the heavier dark green outline gives it defined outline. I’m debating whether to add pistil stitch berries on the vine…but I want to add more colors to the panel other than red. Any ideas? I just ordered quite a bit of new size 5 and size 8 floss in all sort of colors and shade so maybe I’ll get some down time this next week and get to play with some new stitches.

Stem stitch and detached chain stitch (lazy daisy) in DMC Cotton Perle 5. Detached chain inner loop in DMC metallic gold.

TAST Stitch 4: Detached Chain Stitch